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About us


Maritime Partner AS

Maritime Partner was founded in 1994. In 1999 we acquired the well-known brands Alusafe, Seabear and Weedo, continuing the tradition of these fine boats. Adding these brands to our existing Springer range gave us a very large range of models. 

In 2000 we consolidated and coordinated our range, supplying 50 boats of different types. Our sale has increased rapidly in recent years, and in 2014, we supplied more than 80 boats and in excess of NOK 310 mil in turnover.

In 2010 we moved into new facilities. The location is Breivika, approximately 10 kilometers from our old office. After the later years growth and being located on different premises, it is a big improvement to be located under one roof.

The new premises include a 2 500 square meters production plant, holding the best solutions in regards to lighting, air and heating. The production halls have four separate overhead traveling cranes; one 2x10 T and one 2x5 T with 8 meters lifting height. Heavier tasks will be moved on air cushions. In connection to the production plant, you will find 5 operational offices, parts department and sanitary rooms. On the two upper floors you will find office space of a total area of 950 square meters, including meeting rooms, archive and a canteen. The new premises has a deep water quay in front with a 10 T Crane.

This expansion will position us for continued growth in the future.

MP Head Quarters