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Jan 04, 2002

Maritime Partner signs contract with Norwegian Navy

Maritime Partner AS in Norway have signed a contract with the Royal Norwegian Navy for delivery of seven fast support/patrol crafts of the Alusafe 1290 Combat model. The seven crafts will be delivered from June to December 2002 and is per date the largest contract in the history of the company. The total value of the contract is in excess of NOK 35 million. The Alusafe 1290 Combat is based on a prototype supplied to the Naval Home Defence in 2001. The craft is 12,8 metres long and is fitted with two 450 BHP Volvo engines and waterjets and will have a maximum speed in the excess of 40 knots.

The original hull used for the Naval Home Defence craft is given a newly developed superstructure to suit the Navy’s requirements. The craft is designed to maintain personnel safety during training of marine commandos and support operations in peacetime, as well as a special role in the defence generally. It will be fully equipped with military communications and prepared for installation of weapons systems.

Maritime Partner has over the last years been one of the main suppliers of smaller craft to the Norwegian Navy and Coastguard. However this contract is of special importance, both with regards to the size and value for Maritime Partner as well as recognition of Maritime Partner as a quality supplier to the Norwegian Navy.

In addition to the Norwegian Navy, Maritime Partner is supplying various craft to the Swedish, Icelandic and the Faeroe Island’s Coastguards. The Ship building and Offshore markets are still the most important market for Maritime Partner but institutional and governmental customers have become more important over the last few years. Much time and resources have been invested in developing products suitable for the requirements such demanding customers have. Maritime Partner is working on several large projects in the same target group that will be concluded shortly.

In 2001 Maritime Partner are delivering 70 fast craft in various sizes to a total value of NOK 70 million (USD 8 Mill), and is among the leading suppliers of fast craft for offshore, patrol, rescue and personnel transport. In 2002 the company expect a strong growth, and the current order book for 2002 deliveries is already exceeding the expected turnover in 2001. Maritime Partner acquired the competitor UFAS Holding in 1999 and has today one of the most extensive ranges of special high speed craft for a variety of purposes.

“2001 have been a good year for our products and the turnover have increased with more than 30% compared to last year. We expect high activity in most of our market segments in 2002, and expect strong growth in a couple of segments. For the institutional and governmental segment we expect that the Alusafe 1290 Combat will be a very interesting product for us worldwide”, says Peder Myklebust, Managing Director of Maritime Partner.

Maritime Partner is a company based in Ålesund, Norway that is involved in development, sales and service of fast rescue- and patrol craft ranging in size from 5 to 25 metres. Since the start more than 800 craft is delivered worldwide. Maritime Partner does not have any in-house production, but utilize external sub-contractors. All the current sub-suppliers very experienced boat builders and have worked closely with Maritime Partner for years.