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Oct 30, 2002

Alusafe 1290 Combat for the Norwegian Navy

In October the Royal Norwegian Navy took delivery of Bondoy & Rypoy, the third and fourth vessel in the seven vessel series of Alusafe 1290 Combat fast support vessels.

Mid October the delivery of Bondoy and Rypoy took place at Maritme Partner's yard in Ålesund. After a week with intensive sea trials the vessels steamed north to Harstad to participate in the major fleet exercise Flotex off Northern Norway.

The vessels have achieved all major requirements according to the contract, and have been very well received by the customer. The vessels have a normal crew of two and can carry 13 troops with equipment in speeds up to 40 knots. They will be used in a wide range of roles, but their main task will be supporting the coastal command and their need during operations along the Norwegian Coast. The design of the vessels are flexible so within the same trip they can be used for transport, landing of troops and ambulance duties with only minor on-board reconfigurations.

The seven Alusafe 1290 Combat will be followed by three Alusafe 1300 for the Naval Home Guard, based on a similar hull but outfitted with a different superstructure. The first of these vessels will be delivered by year-end 2002.