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Nov 22, 2002

Langsten NB 190: New major order for Maritime Partner As

Langsten Shipyard's newbuilding 190 for Simon Mokster Rederi chooses Maritime Partner as supplier for new break-through design stand-by vessel.

Langsten Shipyard (part of the Aker Group) together with the ship owner has decided to place order with Maritime Partner for Daughter Craft, Fast Rescue Craft and a tug to hold offshore oil booms. This state of the art stand-by vessel is chartered to Statoil for the Haltenbanken Area to perform stand-by duty for the offshore installations there. It will be on station 365 days a year and need well proven, reliable equipment to maintain operational readiness at all times.

That Maritime Partner is chosen as supplier for this newbuilding gives a stamp of quality to the products. Simon Mokster is one of the pioneers in the stand-by service in the North Sea, and well known to be in the forefront of new developments in this highly specialised trade.

The equipment chosen is one MP-1111 WJ FRDC, a waterjet driven daughter craft, one MP-741 Springer fast rescue boat and one Weedo 710 Tug. The FRDC is a highly specified version of the MP-1111 & 1211 family, which have been delivered in several versions since 1995. Almost 30 craft of this design have been delivered so far.

The deliveries will take place early 2003 and the vessel will be handed over mid 2003.