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Dec 12, 2002

NSSR contracts again

In November 2002 the Norwegian Rescue Organisation (NSSR) gave renewed confidence to Maritime Partner by awarding yet again a new contract for three MP-1211 RS.

The contract is for one vessel and two options. The first vessel will be delivered in May 2003 and will be the ninth vessel built by Maritime Partner for NSSR and the fifth of the MP-1211 design. The RS-127, as the vessel is numbered, will incorporate new design elements compared to RS-124 Hvaler (picture). RS-124 was delivered in June 2002. The continuous dialog between ship owner and Maritime Partner has led to numerous improvements in the boat design, and with this new order major change to the basic design is incorporated. This is driven by the fact that NSSR sees new requirements based on the use of the earlier delivered vessels.

The "Simrad" class of boat is manned by volunteers and have a normal crew of 2-3 persons. The existing vessels are stationed in Oslo, Tønsberg, Bergen and Måløy and can assist with everything from firefighting to ambulance duties in addition to rescue missions.

The MP-1211 in this configuration has two 340 HP engines driving waterjets. The vessel type has a top speed of 35 knots and a fuel capacity that gives the vessel a range of 200 nautical miles.