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Sep 30, 2003

BUE Viking Ltd order Daughter Craft

BUE Viking in Scotland has purchased a MP 1000 FRDC for their North Sea operations.

BUE Viking Ltd, a major stand-by operator in Scotland has taken delivery of a MP 1000 FRDC. The craft will be stationed on board the Bue Skye.

The MP 1000 FRDC is a 10 mtr Fast Rescue Daughter Craft that can be certified up to 18 persons. It has two inboard diesel engines with either stern drives (duo-prop system) or waterjets. It is outfitted to operate independent of the mother vessel and have a range of up to 160 nautical miles.

Maritime Partner has since 1995 supplied 55 craft in the MP 911-1211 range where 37 of these are operated as Daughter Craft. The Maritime Partner range of daughter craft has 5 different models from 9 to 12 mtr and can be delivered with a large number of options depending on customer requirements.