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May 14, 2004

Major order for the Norwegian Navy

Maritime Partner signs major order with Royal Norwegian Navy for delivery of Sjøbjørn 25 Mk II Rescue & Boarding Craft.

Maritime Partner and the Royal Norwegian Navy have signed a frame agreement for deliveries of Sjøbjørn 25 till 2009. The contract was won late 2003 and production started immediately with the first two craft. They where delivered in April 2004.

Mid May the Navy took delivery of the 3rd Sjøbjørn 25 Mk II in the series.

The deliveries will be a mix of supply to new vessels and replacements to existing. The new state-of-the-art Coast Guard vessel KV Svalbard has received one craft and the new Nansen Class frigates will be outfitted with Sjøbjørn 25 Mk II.

The Sjøbjørn 25 Mk II is a heavy duty rescue and boarding craft. It has special features for boarding, rescue, firefighting and operations in arctic area. It is built according to the very demanding requirement of the Norwegian Navy for operation in all kind of conditions. The craft is a further development from the Mk I version and have a number of improvements from the original version.