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Jul 25, 2005

Swedish Coastguard

Maritime Partner deliver Alusafe 770 to Swedish Coastguard.

Recently the Swedish Coastguard (KBV) took delivery of it's first Alusafe 770 from Maritime Partner. The Alusafe 770 was custom-built according to stringent specifications from KBV. It is delivered with a 350HP diesel inboard engine and waterjet propulsion. The top speed of the craft is around 40 knots. The craft has many special features and is outfitted with high specification communication and navigation equipment. It is also built with special focus on health, safety and environment with special arrangement for crew protection and focus on noise and easy and safe access during use and maintenance.

This Alusafe 770 is the first delivery to the Swedish Coastguard. Previously Maritime Partner has delivered boats to the Swedish Navy. In total Maritime Partner has delivered 120 craft to various navies, coastguards and police world wide.