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Aug 10, 2005

MP 1211 Fast Rescue Daughter Craft/Tug

Maritime Partner deliver first FRDC to Farstad ASA.

A special MP 1211 Fast Rescue Daughter Craft was delivered to Farstad ASA this summer. The unique features of this craft is combining high speed with high bollard pull. The bollard pull is 4.4 ton and top speed of the craft is 30 knots.

The MP 1211 was delivered with a matching davit from Hydramarine and supplied to Farstad's Lady Margareth. The vessel is commencing a charter with xxxx and will support in off-loading operations at the xxxx field in Nigeria. Its main task is supporting the handling of the off-loading hoses and it will also function as a fast rescue/utility craft for the FPSO and field in general.

The MP 1211 is installed with 2 x 420HP engines combined with waterjet propulsion. This combination gives the craft very good manouverability as well as high speed and bollard pull. It is outfitted for transport of personnel and have high standard of navigation and communication equipment.

Maritime Partner has delvivered more than 60 units of it's range of Daughter craft since the first in 1995. It comes in sizes from 9 to 12 metre. In total Maritime Partner has delivered almost 1000 craft since the start.