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Mar 14, 2006

Alusafe 1150

An Alusafe 1150 Fire Fighting Vessel was delivered to Asker & Bærum Brannvesen (Fire Brigade) end of January 2006.

The vessel is a new design from Maritime Partner, and extends the current product range into a new segment of the high speed craft business.

The vessel is developed in close co-operation with the customer and is a multi-function vessel that can perform fire fighting, rescue and environmental protection duties. It is designed to operate in shallow water amongst a large population of yachts and small islands in the Oslo Fjord, so good manoeuvrability and high speed was one of the important criteria for the product.

The vessel is 11,5 metre long and is fitted with a bow ramp and strengthened keel for beaching and work in the sea. It is propelled by two 440HP engines and water jets and has a max draft of only 0,75 metre. This makes it possible to operate in very shallow water. The vessel has a top speed of almost 40 knots.

The main tool is the fire fighting system that consists of a high capacity pump driven by a separate 200HP engine and a remote controlled monitor fitted on the top of the wheelhouse. The fifi system can deliver 3000 litre per minute with a range of 90 meters.

The vessel will normally be operated by two crew plus fire-fighters and be on station 24 hours a day, year round.