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Dec 23, 2011

Alusafe 1070 FRB - Kystredningstjenesten

Maritime Partner has delivered a Alusafe 1070 FRB to Danish Maritime Coastal Rescue Service, “Kystredningstjenesten”, Skagen Redningsstation. The new boat will replace their old smaller boat which has served them for 20 years!

The Alusafe 1070 FRB is built according to buyers technical specification and requirements to meet the extreme weather condition on northern coast of Denmark. The boat is a twin power, fully redundant model fitted with engines type Volvo Penta D6 – 435 each connected to waterjet type Hamilton 292. With speed up to 43 knots  this boat will reduce the reaction time the Skagen Redningsstation and give crew a much higher comfort.

Maritime Partner wishes both the boat and crew the best and thrust the new boat will serve them even better then the old one.

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Alusafe 1070

Alusafe 1070 with lights on