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Jul 18, 2013

Danish Ministry of Defense goes shopping in Norway

The boats are of Alusafe 1070 design. This design was developed by Maritime Partner, in close collaboration with the Danish Maritime Safety Administration (Farvandsvæsenet), and the first boat of the design was delivered as early as 2010. Since then, three more boats have been delivered to the same customer, before Danish Maritime Safety Administration was abolished by royal decree in October 2011, and became a part of the Ministry of Defense.

"We are very glad that based on the experiences they have made with the previous four boats we have delivered to the Danish Maritime Safety Administration (Farvandsvæsenet), they now have decided to order a further nine boats." says CEO of Maritime Partner, Peder R. Myklebust. The boats will be operating from different rescue stations along the coast of Denmark, and will help improve safety for both private boaters as well as the fishing fleet.

Alusafe 1070 is 10,7 meters long, has twin inboard engines each providing 435bhp that are coupled to twin water-jets. This give the boats a top speed of more than 45 knots. The boats provide excellent maneuverability, and combined with their shallow draught, this makes them able to operate in shallow waters and close to shore. The boats will also be equipped with top modern equipment for navigation and communication.

The contract has a total value of approximately 35 mill NOK, and the boats are set for delivery from December 2013 until October 2014.

For more information, contact Peder R. Myklebust on mobile: +47 90 113 113