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Mar 09, 2015

Patrol boat delivered to Norwegian Defence

”The contract had a value of NOK 11.5 million to Maritime Partner and also has great importance as a reference when we promote our boats in the international defence and patrol markets,” says project manager Hallgeir Flem.

Ålesund based Maritime Partner has long experience in the defence market and has delivered 110 large enclosed boats to Norwegian and international customers. Taking into account also smaller open boats intended for tough emergency response tasks, Maritime Partner has delivered more than 200 boats to the defence market, making it Norway’s biggest supplier in this field (see also the reference list at the end of this article).

Main data

Boat type Alusafe 1300 MkIII
Type approval DNVGL Standard for
Certification 2.21 Craft/
Rules for HSLC for
 hull scantlings
Certification DNVGL
Length oa 13.1m
Breadth, max 3.88m
Draught 0.78m
Weight 10,300kg
Speed 40+ knots


Main engine Volvo D11-725, 725hp
Gear ZF 280
Shaft Centa
Waterjet Hamilton 322
Manoeuvring system H amilton Blue Arrow
Interceptor Humphree
Navigation system Furuno
Communications Sailor
Windows Ertec
Doors and hatches Libra Plast
Operator chairs Ullman Atlantic
Searchlight Colorlight
Liferafts Viking Lifesaving
Coatings Jotun Paint
Electrical installation IS Elektro
Electronic installation Marinelektronikk
Outfitting I sowest

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Alusafe 1300 MkIII

The boat can be certified for operation in different waters and various speed ranges. Among other things the ventilation and sea water systems are designed for operation in temperatures from +30C to -30C. The boat is equipped with seating for eight crew members, four of the eight placesbeing fitted with Ullman Atlantic suspension seats that absorb heavy shocks and landings , as well as four-point safety harnesses.

Maritime Partner has focused on creating a good and pleasant working environment in the wheelhouse and has chosen a high standard with Alcantara linings on deckheads and bulkheads.

The boat is equipped with a well proven Hamilton Blue Arrow manoeuvring system, which provides a unique manoeuvring capability. Maritime Partner and Hamilton have developed a joystick for this system, and this Alusafe 1300 MkIII is the first to be fitted with Blue Arrow with joystick. The joystick is mounted in the armrest of the helmsman’s chair. Both helmsman and navigator can also operate the ECDIS (electronic chart display and information system) from their chairs. This means the crew can operate the vessel in transit at high speed or in rough seas while well secured in their suspension seats.

A towing hook which can be released from the helm position is fitted to the transom. Securing points for stretchers are provided in the wheelhouse, and the deck and areas around are suited to first aid activities. The wheelhouse has internal communications in a quiet-bridge solution which can be -2-coupled to external communication. In the forward superstructure is a small cabin with galley and storage. The boat also has toilet and shower facilities.

Alusafe 1300-1

References – large enclosed boats defence and patrol market

  • 68 for international search and rescue (SAR) organisations
  • 1 for Ghana harbour Port Authority
  • 1 for Haerens Forsyningstjeneste (Norwegian Defence)
  • 3 for Sjøheimevernet/Forsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon (Norwegian Defence)
  • 8 for Forsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon (Norwegian Defence)
  • 13 for Redningstjenesten/Forsvarets materielltjeneste Danmark (Danish Defence)
  • 13 for Det Norske Redningsselskap (Norwegian SAR)
  • 3 for Swedish Coast Guard

In addition Maritime Partner has supplied about 100 smaller open boats for the defence and patrol market, among them 58 type Sjøbjørn 25 to Norwegian Defence and 22 Alusafe 770 to the Swedish Coast Guard.