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Apr 20, 2015

New workboat for the Ålesund region port authorities

The new workboat, an Alusafe 1500 MPV (Multi Purpose Vessel), will be delivered during January 2016. The overall length of the boat is 14.99 meters, and the breadth is 4.9 meters.

Replacing old boat

”Today we have a boat that was built in 1972,” says Harbourmaster Birger Flem from the Ålesund region port authorities.

”It should have been replaced years ago. The new boat will meet our maintenance needs in the fairway and along the quay front. In addition, it becomes a part of emergency response to pollution. The boat will be approved according to regulations for oil spill response, based on capacities like stability and bollard pull,” explains Birger Flem.

New segment

“This particular type of boat represents a new segment for Maritime Partner, and we are proud to announce that we have been awarded this tender contract,” states Peder R. Myklebust, Chief Executive Officer at Maritime Partner.

“Although there are fewer assignments for the oil industry we expect to increase sales this year and next year. We are counteracting fluctuations in the market by capturing growth in segments like the defence- and workboat markets".

Alusafe 1500 MPV