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Jul 21, 2016

– Fierceness at sea

The Kristiansund-based company Abyss Aqua just received their new vessel, “Fosna Triton,” delivered by Maritime Partner. The vessel, an Alusafe 1500 LDV (Light Diving Vessel,) is a brand new, high-speed vessel, with a design tailored for service- and diving-mission for the ocean farming industry. This project is a brilliant example of teamwork between local competence-holders within the maritime, offshore and ocean farming industries. ​

-“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Abyss Aqua, and this project has enabled us to gain further foothold within the steadily growing ocean farming industry,” says Sindre Kleive, Area Sales Manager for Maritime Partner AS

To KristiansundInterior
“Fosna Triton” is a high-speed diving-vessel, developed in cooperation between Abyss Aqua and Maritime Partner. The vessel is 15 meters long, has a top speed of 35 knots, performs with exceptional seaworthiness, and is equipped with state of the art diving equipment.

Technical and Maintenance Manager of Abyss Aqua, Olav Otterlei, has maintained a close follow up of the project, from start to finish, and recently took the vessel out for a trial run.

-”This is fierceness at sea! We are very much looking forward to taking the vessel into operation, not to mention the first trip back to Kristiansund today,” says Olav Otterlei, and with good reason.

Underwater work for ocean farmsDJI_0063.00_01_10_05.Still012
Abyss Aqua is part of the Abyss Group, and is one of Norway’s largest service-boat shipping companies for ocean farming. The company is a complete supplier of services for the ocean farming industry, including all types of underwater work.

-“Being able to provide the best vessels on the market, operating the best equipment, is of utmost importance to us,” says Øystein Kjønhaug, Managing Director of Abyss Group.

-“We are constantly working to maintain and develop the safest and most effective work procedures, and to ensure that the best of the best in the business wish to work with us,” he continues.

Abyss has around 70 employees, and will have an annual turnover exceeding 160 million NOK in the ocean farming, offshore- and contractor industry, for 2016.


Olav Otterlei of Abyss explains that “Fosna Triton” is a very specialized craft, with regards to equipment, and that they are very pleased with the cooperation between them and Maritime Partner.

-“We have learned a lot from each other, throughout this project. This is the first tailor-made ocean farming vessel delivered by Maritime Partner, and we have been able to provide a lot of input from our experiences with diving and ocean farming.

Maritime Partner has developed and manufactured a large range of working vessels, rescue boats and patrol boats for the offshore, defense, and SAR-markets (Search and Rescue.)

-“Maritime Partner is a highly professional company, with employees that possess an impressive competence and experience with robust boats, and hull-designs that can be utilized along the coast, in all different weather conditions. Their designs are also tailored to meet the specific applications of the individual vessel.”

Ocean space – Expanding Blue
The cooperation between Maritime Partner and Abyss serves as a strong example of how sharing combined competence across the Norwegian ocean-based industrial clusters, provides further growth for the blue industries.

-“We can clearly see that there are great benefits to relying on each other’s mutual experiences from the combined industries of offshore, preparedness, and ocean farming, both with regards to competence, equipment and vessels,” says Olav Otterlei of Abyss.

High-speed and with long range
“Fosna Triton” is designed and constructed to deal with all different sea and weather conditions, and can cover long distances in a short amount of time. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate classifies it for use in open costal operations, which means it can perform operations in open waters and operate all along the Norwegian coastline.

-“This type of vessel can be very well suited for inspection diving of both hull and nets of future ocean farms,” says Otterlei of Abyss Aqua.

-“When we contacted Maritime Partner, we were looking for a high speed vessel, which met our demands with regards to both work-diving and security. With “Fosna Triton” vi can cover a large area, and perform a wide array of small and sudden operations in one day, for instance a potential escape from an ocean farm.”

In addition to the high quality of the hull, and the impressive speed performance, “Fosna Triton” is equipped with advanced navigational and deck equipment, which enables it to also assist in service tasks, such as delousing.


Amount of vessels more than doubled
Over the spring, Abyss has put 3 new service-vessels into use, and has increased its fleet from 6 to 13 vessels, in just over a year. The last of these new acquisitions is “Fosna Triton.”

Abyss Aqua aims to be a complete supplier of services for the ocean farming industries, which entails having a complete set of equipment for the various services required. On this basis, the company has invested more than 100 million NOK over the last year, and do not show signs of stopping at that.

-“We want to keep winning contracts, which means we need to be in constant development. Our ambition is to maintain further growth, so this will definitely not be our last investment,” says Otterlei.

Investments in motionMP__7383
Skilled workers and a focus towards innovation has gained Maritime Partner entry to ever more new markets. Workboat-, Defense-, and SAR-markets (Search And Rescue) now form a steadily increasing part of the company’s revenue, and the demand for other types of specially designed vessels is also promising.

The company delivered a new fire-fighting and rescue vessel for The Bergen Fire Department in November last year, and earlier this year they delivered a new workboat for The Port Authority of Aalesund. They will soon start fitting and equipping the newly developed pilot-boats for Buksér & Berging AS.

Area Sales Manager, Sindre Kleive, thinks there is an interesting market for both workboats and diving vessels. New regulation from authorities create a demand for both reconstruction and new construction.

-“Maritime Partner have a strong basis in relation to this. We have a technical department, which has acquired a strong expertise, built over a long time, and we design and build boats with regard to both existing and coming regulations,” he says.

He sees possibilities for releasing new concepts and designs, for instance with even larger boats, that cover vast areas along the coast, for longer periods of time, featuring high standard living facilities, for two to three week shifts, and fully furnished both in regards to accommodation and recreation.

-“One of our new priority areas is ocean farming, which is a segment of the market where we have been able to transfer a lot of the knowledge we have built up for more than the past twenty years. We have a good dialog with multiple investors within the ocean farming industries – both with the farming, and the service sector, and we can see that investments are in motion,” ends Sindre Kleive.

Fosna Triton

Main dimensions Alusafe 1500 LDV - Light Diving Vessel:
Length overall: 16.36 meter
Width overall: 4.60 meter
No. of Passengers/Crew: 4/6
Top speed: 35 knots
Engine: Scania DI13
Waterjet: Hamilton HJ364