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Sep 30, 2016

Maritime Partner will deliver a new fire and rescue boat to Bergen

In 2015 The Fire Department of Bergen had multiple rescue missions at sea, and 86 diving missions were carried out with their fire and rescue boats. The new vessel will be utilized for the same type missions, but will provide higher speed and greater maneuverability, and can be used where size and draught are of significance. In addition, it can be used for assisting-missions for small and larger crafts that need support from The Fire Department of Bergen.

Alusafe 700 MK IIAlusafe 770 is a concept built on expertise Maritime Partner has acquired through over 20 years of delivering similar vessels to offshore operations and rescue services. It is therefore also well suited for fire and rescue preparedness. The boat is constructed to ensure fast deployment to emergency situations in the region.

Ever since the city was founded, fire has been a substantial threat to Bergen’s city center, which has seen a total of 30 large fires in the inner city. Developing competence, utilizing new technology and continually reducing deployment time, has been crucial to ensure that The Fire Department of Bergen now are able to extinguish most fire outbreaks at a relatively early stage.

The new vessel is an addition to The Fire Department of Bergens recent acquisition, “Sjøbrand,” an Alusafe 1800 FIFI, which was delivered from Maritime Partner on the 26th of November 2015. Maritime Partner had a close cooperation with The Fire Department of Bergen, and looks forward to continuing this cooperation on this next delivery