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Dec 22, 2016

Maritime Partner launches new design concept.

Maritime Partner launch a new design concept for their entire range of vessels. The company has used the well reputed design company Hareide Design while developing the new design.

The new design concept was revealed for Norwegian and international clients at Maritime Partners annual Christmas event.

The new design concept will be incorporated across all models in the Maritime Partner range. The company is now adapting the new concept for all sales projects.

Intriguing design

MP-1200 FRDC Web
- “We have introduced the concept to a few of our clients and can clearly see that it is generating interest with regards to both the visual and the functional aspects,” says Gisle Anderssen, Senior Vice President of Maritime Partner.

He is confident the company will announce new contracts based on the design in the near future.

- “Ideally, we will be in a position to announce such news at the Nor-Shipping Expo in Oslo this coming summer but as of now we are still at the concept stage,” says Anderssen.

A design platform

Using the hull of an existing design as a starting point Maritime Partner has developed a new design with focus on functionality, esthetics, and a distinct identity. This will serve as a platform for all the vessels in the Maritime Partner range. In addition, the new and modular design will reduce production costs and with that strengthen Maritime Partners competitive power.

MP-1200 FRDC Front-Bow-Web
- “Our focus in this project has been functionality, and fulfilling the various demands our vessels face. Furthermore, we have focused on making every function esthetically pleasing and making them with a distinctly identifiable expression of the new Maritime Partner range,” says Einar Hareide, CEO of Hareide Design.

- “The design has been developed in such a fashion that we can easily stretch and widen a vessel without compromising the expression of the vessel. By reutilizing modules such as fenders and roof sections, they can be adapted for vessels of various size and function. This allows for reuse of modules throughout the design, construction and production phases, and might also provide better serviceability. Such a smart design will reduce production costs,” says Hareide.

MP-1200 FRDC Sidelights
- “By integrating components with specific functionality, such as lanterns, lighting, air inlets, and so forth, we can achieve greater space utilization, unobstructed visibility, and a natural placement within the design as a whole. These small details help to lift the overall impression of the vessels,” says Hareide.

Modular-based design

- “Experience shows that we rarely deliver vessels without some sort of special adaptation to the client needs. Because of this, we have emphasized a modular-based design to ensure adaptability towards the requirements of the client. The modular-based design provides greater flexibility for these adaptations whilst giving both our customers and ourselves greater predictability,” says Tore Fiskerstrand, Design Manager for Maritime Partner.

MP-1200 FRDC Roof
- “The module based solution will allow us to modify vessels according to the costumer needs without necessarily raising costs. The high degree of integrated components and a design optimized for functionality is aimed at reducing costs and become even more competitive in the market,” adds Fiskerstrand.

Did not start from scratch

In time with technological advancements Maritime Partner and their clients have continuously developed the technology inside of the vessels, without developing the exterior at the same pace.

- “A large portion of our market has its origin from our Norwegian relations. The quality and standard of our vessels has been based on the conditions of the North Sea and the high demands of the offshore industry. By taking this step, we feel that the exterior design of the vessels matches the interior,” says Tore Fiskerstrand

Einar Hareide follows up with a quote from Ferdinand Porsche:

”If you have no history worth keeping, then it is OK to start with a blank sheet of paper.”

- In a design process such as this, one has to respect the values one represents, and the history of Maritime Partner. They have continuously developed and improved their vessels. We have maintained this view as the basis for our work, whilst still being open to adapting the solutions to new times and new demands.

Operating in extreme situations and environments

Maritime Partner has over more than 22 years developed a reputation as supplier of a wide array of rescue and patrol boats to customers around the world. A common feature valued by their clients is ability to operate in extreme situations and environments.

In 2015, the company delivered their 2000th vessel. The vessels range from 5 meters up to 25 meters, and are tailored to suit any requirement. With the new modular based design one of the goals is to provide a distinct Maritime Partner design for the entire range.

- We find joy in the positives

Despite a very weak offshore market, and inertia in certain other market segments, Maritime Partner is doing quite well.

- “The incoming orders over the last few months has been quite good, and the activity in the organization is building nicely. We find joy in the positives, but maintain full focus on the same challenges that are facing the rest of the industry,” says Peder Myklebust, CEO of Maritime Partner.

- “In addition to positioning ourselves in new segments, we are continuously working on technological development. With the efforts put in to our new design concept we look forward to the road ahead,” he says.
MP-1200 FRDC Sideview-Web