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Apr 20, 2017

New catamaran customized for fjord-sightseeing

Maritime Partner (MP) have signed a contract with Geiranger Fjordservice (GFS) to deliver an ALUSAFE CAT 24 developed for sightseeing in the Geiranger fjord. This will be the second boat for the growing tourism market Maritime Partner have sold within one year – and represents a new and exciting market segment for the Ålesund-based company.
Signing of contract Geiranger Fjordservice
This is the largest ​single boat contract in Maritime Partner’s history. The size of the boat is also historic for MP and a rebuilding of the production hall is required to make room for the catamaran, and to increase the efficiency of the production.

Geiranger Fjordservice
is a company providing fjord adventure experiences. They have developed and tested new experience concepts including adventure cruises and kayak paddling. The response has been so positive that they saw the need to increase their capacity and develop a new boat customized for sightseeing in the fjord, in addition to keeping their current boat Geirangerfjord. The new boat will be certified for 147 passengers and for operations at relatively open seas. The boat may therefore be used for longer chartered trips as well as being used as a back-up boat for express boats during the off-season.

Maritime Partner – the logical choice

“After going through the process of finding the right company to collaborate with, the choice was simple. As MP is entering the market of tourist boats they were our natural choice.” Says Leif Magne Klubbnenes, chairman of GFS. MP will this summer deliver their first catamaran to Gjendebåtene and is now focusing on the expanding tourism market. 

“Of course it is an added bonus that Maritime Partner is local to us, but MP’s expertise and willingness to find solutions to our specific requirements to what we hope will be the fjord cruise boat of the future, was the most important reason for why we chose them. It was also important to us that other valued local suppliers joined the project, such as Nogva which we have had good experiences
with in the past.” Says Mr. Klubbenes.

That the boat will be environmentally friendly and have a green profile is almost given. That is why it will be made of a lightweight, environmentally friendly and recycled material, be equipped with environmentally friendly propulsion systems and be prepared for use with environmentally friendly fuels, like hydrogen, as soon as realistically possible. Over 50% of the boat will be built from recycled aluminum and can be recycled again in the future when the boat has reached the end of its lifecycle.

New, larger step

“The collaboration with the client is remarkable and MP are grateful for this contract, which is a new, larger step into the tourist boat market. It is very nice that our ability to adapt to new things make us capable to swiftly enter into new markets”, says Rune Midtkandal - Area Sales Manager of MP.

New design customized for experiences

Geiranger Fjordservice’s new boat, the ALUSAFE CAT 24, is developed to give its passengers the best view of the fjords and mountains. With large window areas all of the passengers in the lounge will have a good view, which will also give great nature experiences even in bad weather. The shape of the boat is based on MP’s new design concept. With this new design MP focuses on functionality, esthetics and a characteristic identity.

“In this project, as well as others, the main focus is functionality and the different customizations a boat made for tourism requires. Secondly it shall also look good and I think we have succeeded in combining the two”, says Midtkandal.

Alusafe Cat 24