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May 10, 2017

Maritime Partner delivers workboat to The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Increased safety at sea, and better oil-spill preparedness

”Slåtterøy” is a large workboat similar to the vessel delivered to The Port Authority of Aalesund in April 2016. Maritime Partner found that the features of this vessel are very well suited for the NCA’s demands.


Alusafe 1500 MPV Drone II”Slåtterøy” will be stationed at Haakonshella in Bergen, operating for NCA region west. Its primary function will be maintaining navigational installations. The vessel has received approval according to the new regulatory demands for vessels and oil-spill preparedness, which make it equipped to assist the NCA’s entry team for oil-spill recovery.

- “From what we have been able to test so far, the vessel has given a good impression” says Kurt-Ivar Gram Franck, Head of Department and project manager at the NCA. He goes on to say that “Slåtterøy” will be properly tested during a period of internal NCA crew training, before they set course for the Bergen region at the end of May.

- “We are very well pleased with our cooperation with Maritime Partner and both the products properties and the quality of the boat has well met our expectations,” he says.

”Lyngøy” is operational

ALUSAFE 1300 WORK IThe first of the two vessels was delivered at the end of January, and is named «Lyngøy.» This is a smaller supervision vessel, of ALUSAFE 1300 L design, and is now operational in Northern Norway, in the waters between Troms and Finnmark County. This vessel is a somewhat smaller vessel than the ALUSAFE 1500 MPV, but also holds high seaworthiness. This type of vessel has earlier been used for both patrol and offshore operations in the past and is well suited for most weather conditions along the entire Norwegian coast.

The NCA’s supervision unit operates the new vessel for supervision and maintenance work on navigational installations and they have been included throughout the manufacturing process. The supervision unit also took the vessel from Aalesund to its service location along the Norwegian Coast, and they are very pleased with the result.

”Like reaching an oasis”

– «This is a completely new world, compared to our previous vessel,» is Trond Seppolas immediate response, when he is asked what they think of their new vessel. Seppola is the leader of the NCA’s supervision unit at Skjervøy.

– «The vessel is four meters longer then our previous one, and can reach substantially higher speeds. it also holds a completely different level of comfort than what we have been used to. It is like reaching an oasis,” ends Trond Asbjørn Seppola, from the NCA’s division in Troms and Finnmark.

 A comfortable and safe work environment

The workboats will contribute to ensure safety at sea along the Norwegian coast, perform fire extinguishing missions, supervision, building and maintenance missions, and are both prepared to assist with oil-spill recovery in the event of an accident. During development of the vessels, a great deal of focus has been placed on creating a comfortable and safe working environment. This includes large and secure working decks, low interior noise levels, as well as great seaworthiness and maneuverability.


Main Dimensions for Alusafe 1500 MPV:

ALUSAFE 1500 MPVLength over all                       14.99 meters

Width over all                        Approx. 4.90 meters

Crew                                       6 persons

Speed                                     Approx. 30 knots


Main Dimensions for Alusafe 1300 L:

ALUSAFE 1300 WORKLength over all                       13.75 meters

Width over all                         Approx. 3.88 meter

Crew                                      4

Speed                                     Approx. 36 knots