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Jun 15, 2018

First ambulance contract for Norwegian customer

Maritime Partner have signed a contract with Gulenskyss AS for building an ambulance catamaran, the MP CAT 21 AMBULANCE. The vessel was designed by Berserk Design AS. 

Focus area has been on effective, safe and comfortable patient transport under various conditions and access to different docks. In addition, the hull have efficient, modern lines with low resistance through the water. This will reduce the power requirement of the machinery and thus reduce emissions.  

The vessel will be built in composite materials, which gives good finish, long durability and low weight.  

The boat will be stationed at the most trafficked ambulance area in Norway, with about 1500 missions a year. More information to follow.

Contractsigning, from Guleskyss (from left to right;) Per Vold, Daniel Kvernøy and Rune Midtkandal of Maritime Partner AS