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Aug 09, 2018

New environmentally friendly whale watching and exploration boat

Maritime Partner AS has entered into a contract with Green Wave Holding AS for the construction and delivery of a 147 seater catamaran that will be in tourist traffic.

 -  We at Maritime Partner find it very pleasant that our ability to innovate and further develop results in contracts for new types of vessels and for new markets, says Sales and Marketing Director Gisle Anderssen. This is a new boat type for Maritime Partner, where the focus is on the environment and the good experience for the passengers.

The customer is Green Wave Holding, which is located in Tromsø. Behind the company is Agnes Árnadóttir and Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, both with experience from the tourist industry.

- We will use the boat for tourism and sightseeing activities in the Lofoten area during the summer, and Tromsø in the winter. Whale watching will also be relevant, if the whales stays in the area, says Larsen-Hakkebo.

Brim 2

The design for the new boat has been developed in collaboration with Hareide Design Mill. All engineering and equipment will be done at our facilities in Aalesund.

The new design named ALUSAFE CAT 24 HYBRID and will be 24 meters long, 11 meters wide and ‚Äč9 meters high.

Over time, we have been working intensively to develop new designs adapted to the new market situation, and we see several segments where our new catamarans should be highly competitive, says Sales and Marketing Director Gisle Anderssen

The boat has to be environmentally friendly and have a green profile both in terms of operating emissions and not least in terms of life cycle. Therefore, it will be made of light, environmentally friendly and recycled material and use environmentally friendly propulsion system. More than fifty percent of the hull and superstructure is built in already recycled aluminum, which can be recycled and reused when the boat is at its end of life.

Another advantage of this boat is that it can be easily charged.

 - We can charge it overnight, and it has a flexible charging solution that allows it to be charged in most Norwegian ports, says Larsen-Hakkebo.

By building an electric catamaran, rather than a diesel mechanical, we reduce the energy requirement by 23 percent, while using green energy from Norwegian hydropower rather than fossil fuel for the boat.