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May 29, 2020


Bard (3)

Eight months after the delivery of the sister vessel BRIM, the second vessel BARD is now handed over to the shipowner; Brim Explorer. The vessel is a 24-meter catamaran designed for tourism in the fjords and open sea with a green profile. Bard is fitted with hybrid electric propulsion, which enables the vessel to run on battery up to 10 hours. In boost mode (diesel+electric) it can reach a top speed of 22 knots.

The Brim concept is developed with the renowned designer Einar Hareide and built by Maritime Partner. The bulk of equipment onboard is from local suppliers, so the concept is a great showcase for Norwegian technology and shipbuilding tradition.

Bard bilde (15)

Brim is built with panoramic windows and a large accessible outdoor deck area to maximise the tourism experience.  The main deck has a passenger area with 94 seats and the upper deck has indoor seating for 52 passengers. The design is done with outwards viewing as priority and seating is arranged for this purpose. On the main deck there is small galley and a kiosk for refreshments and light bites.

Thanks to the hybrid electric propulsion there is no noise or vibrations to spoil the nature experience. Combined with underwater drones and hydrophones the experience both above and under water is very close and in combination with unspoiled nature with open ocean, fjords and mountains, the experience is unique.

First vessel built according to the new Svalbard Regulation.

BARD is built to operate in Svalbard during the summer season. However for the first season it will operate in the Lofoten Archipelago in the north of Norway. It is built according to the new regulations for constructions, equipment and operation of passenger ships in the territorial waters surrounding Svalbard. As such the vessel is a great leap forward in Safety for the crew and passengers operating in remote areas.

Building the vessel from aluminium gives a light and energy efficient boat. The aluminium is recycled and also recyclable in the future, giving strength to the shipowners wish to be environmentally friendly and upkeeping their green profile.

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