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Jun 09, 2020



KB Storm AS recently ​received "KB Storm" from Maritime Partner. The boat, which is an Alusafe 1500 LDV (Light Diving Vessel), is a high-speed vessel tailor-made for service work and diving for the aquaculture industry.

KB Storm

Despite the very challenging time we are in, the boat was delivered according to specification and within the agreed time, says Peder Myklebust, CEO of Maritime Partner. We have managed to keep up the activity in the workshop despite all of the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 situation and we are very proud of that.

KB Storm is equipped for two divers with a backup diver. The dive manager/operator's station is in the rear of the cabin. The boat is fitted with equipment that makes it highly maneuverable due to Hamilton’s Blue Arrow and Jet Anchor maneuvering system. It can hold position at fish farms and similar installations without having to anchor or tie up. This means that it's a stable and secure platform to work from. KB Storm is designed and built to operate with all sea and weather conditions along the coast and can travel long distance at high speeds. The boat is certified by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to operate along the entire Norwegian coastline.

KB Storm 2

The vessel meets our expectations and we are very pleased with the product. This boat enables us to shorten our response time to our customers while maintaining both the comfort and safety of the crew, says Ola Krystad, general manager of KB Storm.

In addition to excellent hull and speed characteristics, KB Storm is equipped with advanced navigation equipment and deck equipment, which allows the boat to assist in several types of missions in maritime and marine operations. The Alusafe 1500 LDV is a multipurpose design, and can be used for patrol, SAR and other high-speed operations as well.


Main dimensions Alusafe 1500 LDV - Light Diving Vessel:

Length: 16,36 meter
Width: 4,60 meter
Number of pasengers/crew: 4/6
Speed: 33 knop
Engine: Scania DI13
Waterjet: Hamilton HJ364
Maneuvering system: Hamilton Blue Arrow

About Maritime Partner

Maritime Partner AS sell and builds high speed boats of own design. With customers all over the world, more than 2200 boats have been delivered. A wide variety of boats are manufactured, from offshore rescueboats, workboats, patrolboats, tourist boats and other high-speed boats under the brand names Alusafe, Seabear and Weedo.

KB Storm 3