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Oct 19, 2020

Norwegian Navy awards new contract to specialist boat-builder Maritime Partner

Maritime Partner AS has entered into a contract with the Royal Norwegian Navy to build and deliver 7 boats to the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Seabear 23 MK IV

The boat type will be called Seabear 23 MKIV and is a new model in Maritime Partner’s range. The contract is part of the renewal program in the Coastguard. The design draws on the qualities and performance from the larger Seabear 25, which you find on board most of the Navy’s vessels. Seabear 23 will be multi-functional and is built for frequent use in all kinds of weather. The boat is designed to perform all operations as safe and comfortably as possible, while maintaining high speed and manoeuvrability. The boat will be used as a workboat, for inspections, rescue operations, patrols, and several other mission. So, in many ways it is the spearhead of the mother vessel to handle its tasks.

Seabear 23 replaces the original boats which was delivered by Maritime Partner when the coastguard-vessels were built. By making a smaller version of Seabear 25, you get a greater similarity in the equipment used on the different vessels. This simplifies everyday life for both the crew and those who do maintenance. Seabear 25 has been used by the Norwegian Navy for over 30 years and has been continuously developed together with the users. It is now one of the best of its kind, and this knowledge is to be transferred to the smaller model. Seabear 23 will be an important addition to the line-up in Maritime Partners model range. It is an excellent alternative for other countries' defence forces that do not need the larger and heavier Seabear 25.
Seabear 23 MK IV

The contract also includes options for the delivery of two additional boats, and all boats will be delivered before the summer of 2021. With this, Maritime Partner has delivered and on order 117 boats to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Seabear 23 MK IV