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Jun 07, 2021


The Port of Oslo have just received their new hybrid patrol vessel – a Alusafe 1300 MKIII Patrol Hybrid. Today on the 7th of June they had their naming ceremony. The new boat called “Teist” will be used for port surveillance as well as escorting larger vessels sailing in the port area. The Port Authority are out on the fjord every day to ensure that ships can travel in a safe and efficient manner.

Alusafe 1300 Patrol Hybrid

The new patrol boat is among the most environmentally friendly of its type. The hybrid technology reduces the consumption of diesel by approximately 70% on the tasks the boat will be used for. The boat uses batteries at low speeds between 4-5 knots, which is sufficient for inspection rounds in the municipality's sea areas. Port of Oslo's vision is to become the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly urban port. Innovation, green technology, and collaboration are crucial to the port becoming emissions-free over the long term. The purchase of this new inspection boat is one of the steps necessary to achieve this goal. 

Alusafe 1300 Patrol Hybrid 3

Facts about the Alusafe 1300 Patrol Hybrid

The Alusafe 1300 is built in recyclable aluminum. Aluminum is known to be a 100% recyclable material and thus contributes to reduced raw material and energy consumption in the world. Another important environmental argument is that aluminum boats have a significant advantage over fiberglass / petroleum-based building materials. It is built on Maritime Partners proven Alusafe 1300 MKIII design. The boat type has previously been delivered in various designs to both the Armed Forces and the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The boat is certified by DNV and the hull is dimensioned in accordance with DNV HSLC regulations. 

The propulsion is done by means of two diesel engines and electric motors. These are connected to waterjets via a gearbox on each propulsion line. The top speed of the boat is over 30 knots. With only battery operation, it can run at 4-5 knots for 2-3 hours. The diesel engines can run on biodiesel, and their emissions are in accordance with strict international environmental regulations.

Alusafe 1300 Patrol Hybrid 4