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Apr 21, 2022


2266 18CAT - Moksnes_01

Maritime Partner and Moskenes Shipping have signed a new contract for delivery of a fully electric catamaran passenger boat. The boat will be built for Moskenes Shipping's service in Reinefjorden. In addition to permanent residents, the service handles a large number of tourists each year from their base in Reine. The boat, an ALUSAFE CAT 18 EL, will have a fully electric propulsion line and a capacity for 75 passengers.

Electric Catamaran
This is an important contract for Maritime Partner, and a milestone since it is the first electric catamaran we are building with green technology driving the environmental change. The propulsion system is supplied by ABB complete with electric motors and battery. Two 97kW air-cooled electric motors and frequency converters with a total battery capacity of 528 kWt which gives a cruising speed of 12 knots. With electric propulsion, an efficient hull design and aluminium hull, the boat will be as "green" as possible with today's technology. Aluminium is an environmentally friendly alternative which, when recycled, requires very little energy to re-emerge as a full-fledged material for new applications.

2266 18CAT - Moksnes_02

Main dimensions ALUSAFE CAT 18 EL;
Maximum length; 19.72 meters
Total width; 6.80 meters
Number of passengers / crew; 75/2
Speed; ​​12 knots
Engine / propulsion; PM motors (electric) and fixed propeller.
Building material; Aluminum

2266 18CAT - Moksnes_05