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MSC 1206 & 402(96)


IMO/MSC 1206 & 402(96)

The MSC 1206 recommendation for annual and 5 year inspection from IMO came in May 2006. The Marine Safety Committee (MSC) wants to give the manufacturer more responsibility for the annual and 5 year inspection for lifeboats, rafts, rescue boats and their launching appliances. This is in order to reduce the unacceptable high number of accidents in drills with rescue equipment, where crew members were injured, sometimes fatally.

As goal for this recommendation, they want to ensure that: - personnel undertaking inspections, maintenance and adjustment of lifeboats, launching appliances and associated equipment are fully trained and familiar with these duties. - maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances and associated equipment is carried out in accordance with approved established procedures. - personnel undertaiking maintenance and repair activities are appropriately qualified.

Article 8. Member Governments are invited to give effect to the annexed Guidelines as soon as possible and to bring them to the attention of shipowners, ship operators, ship-vetting organizations, ship personnel, surveyors, manufacturers and all others concerned with the inspection and maintenance of lifeboats, liferafts, rescue boats and fast rescue boats and their launching appliances and on-load release gear.


Article 1. The objective of these Guidelines is to establish a uniform, safe and documented performance of periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances an on-load release gear.


Article 9. Service providers carrying out the thorough examination, operational testing, repair and overhaul of lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear should be authorized in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1277. (In practice, this means certificated service partners in the manufacturer's service network.)

Qualification levels:

Article 11. Weekly and monthly inspections, and routine maintenance as specified in the equipment maintenance manual(s), should be conducted under the direct supervision of a senior ship's officer in accordance with the maintenance manual(s).

Article 12. All other inspections, servicing and repair should be conducted by the manufacturer's representative or other person appropriately trained and certified for the work to be done in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1277.

Since the MSC 1206 recommendation from IMO regarding annual and 5 year inspections came in 2006, Maritime Partner has invested a lot of energy and costs to establish a worldwide service network. In addition, we are cooperating with MacGregor. This in order to reduce costs for the customer. All the certificates are controlled and issued by Maritime Partner. Certification outside our quality system will not have a certificate from Maritime Partner.